Homeowner Toolkit

Do you use a yard maintenance service? Live in a deed-restricted community? Ready to throw up your hands and surrender the fight to protect fun? Stop! The materials below can help you put your Be Floridian principles into practice, come HOA or high water.

Create a Beautiful Florida Garden

A great way to Be Floridian Now is to start a rain garden with Florida native plants! Instead of rainwater from your roof flowing into the street and into storm drains, rain gardens contain the runoff and allow it to slowly percolate into the soil. Florida native plants are a great choice to use in your rain garden because they are well-adapted to Florida’s environment, decreasing the need for fertilizers and pesticides while providing a critical habitat for local wildlife and pollinators.

Native Plants Rain Garden Manual

Yard Service Pledge

Make sure your yard service is certified in best management practices — and puts them into use. Print out the Pledge to Protect Our Fun and ask your contractor to fill it out. If they can’t meet the requirements, find another service.

Yard Pledge

How to Go Floridian in an HOA

Use this step-by-step guide to make the case for a Be Floridian yard makeover — without making enemies on your HOA board.

Makeover How-To

Spread the word

Suggest these articles for your HOA newsletter.

Spring Article Summer Article Fall Article

Get the Facts

Share these facts about how Florida-friendly landscapes benefit deed-restricted communities.

HOA Benefits

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