Traveling Flamingos for Clean Water

The Be Floridian Now Campaign is kicking off a new project in Martin County, FL to raise awareness on fertilizer ordinances. Local businesses can sponsor a colorful and flamboyant flock of flamingos, painted by local artists and public school art clubs, with the slogan #FollowTheFlock. These flamingos for clean water are a flashy way to begin the discussion about ways to reduce pollution from landscaping.

With the support of Martin County Public Works and partners, thirty-eight flamingos were decorated and made their debut at the Martin County Arts Fest on February 9th and 10th in Stuart, Florida. Attendees contributed to the flock by decorating paint-by-number flamingos.

ArtsFest is just the beginning of the flock’s travels! To continue raising awareness, they will be traveling around to local Martin County businesses February through June 2019. Martin County businesses can sign up to host the flock below.


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