Host a Flamingo Flock for Water Quality at Your Place of Business!

Show that your business supports clean water in our rivers, estuaries, and lakes — host an artistic and educational flamingo flock! Our traveling flock of beautifully painted lawn flamingos raises awareness about lawn care products and how they harm local waterways.

Each custom-painted, one-of-a-kind flamingo was created by a local artist donating their time and talent for clean water. You can host up to five flamingos in your place of business, with an accompanying sign that describes the program and how homeowners can reduce their yard chemical pollution by following Martin County’s fertilizer ordinance. The flamingos have metal legs that can be pushed into any soft substrate to stand them up, be it a pot with soil or a bucket of sand.

Sign up for your flamingo today and show your support for Martin County waterways!

The flamingo flock will be traveling around Martin County from February to June, teaching people about Martin County’s fertilizer ordinance. They can be displayed inside your business in a pot with soil or sand or any soft substrate.

Are you or your business interested in hosting the flock? Great! Just complete and submit the form below and we will reach out to you. For more information on the “Be Floridian Now” campaign, coordinated by Martin County Board of County Commissioners and the Marine Resources Council, visit

Do you have any questions about our campaign? Please contact Dianne Hughes at Martin County Public Works at 772-219-4980 or email

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